Transforming the future of
business solutions

Nearshore Call Center & BPO

Our high qualified agents are fully bilingual, bi-cultural, well educated and have expertise in a wide array of business functions.

Software Development, AI & Integrations

We create tailored software solutions using agile development methodologies proven successful in designing, development and deployment of best-in-class tech solutions.

Data analytics Experts & Business consulting

Our experts will help you taking in and processing historical business data. Analyzing that data to identify trends, patterns, and root causes. Make data-driven business decisions based on those insights.

Creative & Branding

A smart branding and creative will fuel your business improving your lead volume in more than 34% in the short term and top positioning your brand on the long run. We will make it happen for you.

Tax Strategists Local & International Optimization

Whether inbound taxation (i.e., foreign-based investment in the U.S.) or outbound taxation (i.e., U.S.-based investment abroad), working with an international tax planner can save you time and money. We are ready to help you navigate that waters and take advantage of offshore/nearshore jurisdictions.

Outsourced C-Level Executives

“Access to” — not “ownership of” — talent, experience and the capacity to complete critical tasks and functions is most desired. Forward-looking entrepreneurs, owners, investors and executives realize that our on-demand model allows them to access the right skills, experience and resources at the optimal time.

At International Contact Center, ICC, we proud ourselves for belonging to an exclusive Private Enterprise Ecosystem, stablished in 2007, that makes us flexible and adaptable to grow and thrive in a faster and consistent way while offering unparalleled career paths for our valuable professional-family members. 

Discover why We are different

At ICC, we are committed to diversity and equal opportunities. We built an inclusive team of extremely effective professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds, personal stories, perspectives and skills, but above all, free from discrimination and prejudice.